N95 Extreme Macro DIY Lens Hack Results

I have cropped and resized almost all of these pics so that they fit nicely onto this post. To get a good idea of how powerful the magnification is with this lens, first lets see the wheel on the top of the lighter:

Macro Lighter

And now the centre of the same photo, just cropped, not resized:

Macro Lighter 1

And the tip of my ballpoint pen:

Macro Ball Point Pen

A single character from one of our gas bills:

Macro Letter

The pins on an RJ45 connector:

Macro RJ45 Pins

And a close-up of the same connector’s pins:

Macro RJ45 Pins 1

The individual pixels and RGB colours on my Compaq laptop’s screen:

Macro LCD Pixels PC Laptop

And the pixels on my friend’s Mac. I think it’s interesting to note here that the pixels on the Compaq have a taper on the bottom left, but on the Mac they are on the bottom right!

Macro LCD Pixels MacBook

The pins on a stick of DDR400 RAM:

Macro DDR400 RAM Pins

The bottom right corner of a VGA socket on my laptop:

Macro VGA Socket

And the headphones socket on the same laptop:

Macro Headphones Socket

A grain of coffee:

Macro Grain of Coffee

The Seeds on a piece of grass from the garden:

Macro Grass Seeds

Part of the swirl on my finger print:

Macro Finger Print

The iris of my eye (I was quite surprised at how crazy this looked!):

Macro Eye Iris

A guitar string wrapped around the peg of the machine head:

Macro Guitar String Machine Head

And a small cropping from the same photo:

Macro Guitar String Machine Head 1

More guitar strings:

Macro Guitar String

And a string on the fretboard:

Macro Guitar String Fretboard

The tip of a key:

Macro Key

One millimeter markers:

Macro Millimeter Markers

Here’s a shot of my white tshirt with the light from a torch shining through from the back:

Macro TShirt

And my bed sheet:

Macro Sheet

A one penny coin:

Macro Penny Coin

Another penny shot:

Macro Penny Coin 1

And this is the front-most part of the crown of the Queen on a penny:

Macro Penny Coin Crown

And that’s it for now. Let me know what you think and if you can think of any other household objects that may be interesting for me to photography and display here. If you would like to use any of the images shown here, just let me know and I’ll probably quite happily email you the full resolution images. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little venture into DIY macro photography, and if you haven’t already, check out my post on how I managed to take all these with my Nokia N95’s camera.

To see how I made these photos please see this post:

N95 Extreme Macro DIY Lens Hack

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