Monitoring the progress of dd

How to monitor the progress of a dd process, even after it has started.

RTL SDR Frequency Drift Offset

Monitoring frequency drift on the RTL SDR dongle

Random Seriousness with Python and Password Generation

High entropy passwords are serious business! Here some little helpers to create better ones.

Random Fun and the Busy Linux Geek

Running Linux and need to look busy quick? Try this little bit of command line fun :)

Ampersands & on the command line

Bash scripts and command line examples are often littered with ampersands. Here's what they do.

Killing processes in Linux

Some handy tricks for killing Linux processes from the command line.

Linux Tree Command

Visualise your filesystem structures from the command line.

Find Examples For Linux

Some handy examples for using the GNU Find tool on Linux in everyday tasks.

How To Use The GNU - Linux Find Command

A guide to getting started with a CLI tool that should be in every Linux user's toolbox.

Duct Tape Kindle Case

A quick and dirty case to protect my little Kindle from scratches.


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