Duct Tape Kindle Case

I love the new Kindle 4, but unfortunately Amazon doesn’t ship them with cases. Instead they’re an optional accessory with a starting price of a third that of the Kindle itself.

Not a problem when you have some duct tape lying around though!

Duct Tape Kindle Case

I just cut a piece out of an old sweatshirt, wrapped the fabric around the kindle, and went to town with the tape.

Duct Tape Kindle Case

So it probably won’t protect it from being trodden on, but I can throw it in the same pocket as my keys without having to worry now.

Duct Tape Kindle Case

Duct Tape Kindle Case

This particular case was fashioned with Gaffer Tape, but I’m sure Duck Tape, or any other brand of heavy duty tape would give you similar effects.

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